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Welcome to the Screens & Things Window Screen Builder! Here, you can easily create your own custom window screens, tailored exactly to your needs. Every screen comes with a charcoal-colored mesh to keep insects out. Depending on the type of frame you have, we'll also include any necessary crossbars for support, as well as plastic clips and zinc screws to securely attach your screen. Plus, to ensure a perfect fit, we provide tension springs and lift clips. Let's get started on building your perfect window screen!

Please note that our standard production time is 3-5 business days, which may vary depending on the number of screens you order. We're committed to getting your custom screens to you as quickly as possible.
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  • Step 1 of 8: Beginning - Select Your Screen Frame Type
  • Step 2 of 8: Select Your Screen Frame Color
  • Step 3 of 8: Select Your Screen Mesh Type
  • Step 4 of 8: Enter Your Dimensions and Quantity
  • Step 5 of 8: Select Your Hardware
  • Step 6 of 8: Available Hardware Options
  • Step 7 of 8: Select Your Crossbar Option
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